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Work Item Tracking
Veracity is an open source version control and bug tracking system for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Bug tracking, milestone management, build tracking, and wiki pages are all handled via our web interface - which can run locally on each developer’s machine, as well as via shared servers (including our server).

Checkins and synching between machines are done via familiar command-line tools, or Tortoise shell integration on Windows, as well as our automated Windows sync tool.

Fast, Flexible Version Control

The first thing you’ll notice: Distributed Version Control is just flat-out fast. Everything happens locally until you need to connect with other servers; when you do, that’s fast and efficient, too.

Veracity takes previously-scary or painful things like Branching, Merging and working Offline and makes them comfortable, powerful components of your everyday workflow. Most merges are resolved automatically, and when in doubt, DiffMerge is available to sort things out.

Distributed Bug Tracking and Wiki

Having full reign over your own source code repo is a great start, but Veracity takes that idea further. Your bug/task tracking, your wiki documents, file attachments: right there with you. And ready to be pushed, pulled and merged at your command.

And Access It All From Your iPad

Mobile users of can access all the great features of Veracity through our free iPad app, with extensive support for viewing and editing, even when network access is not available.

Free through the App Store

You May Not Need a Central Server…

…but you probably want one. Merging workstation-to-workstation works beautifully, but it doesn’t scale all that well. You’ll quickly want that one place where everyone can sync up.

It would be nice if that one place already existed; if you didn’t have to build and manage it; if backups were taken care of; if security were built in. takes care of all that, in minutes.